England vs USA – International Flag Football in Chichester

Some dates for your diaries people – our nation’s finest are traveling to Chichester to host our transatlantic cousins in what’s sure to be a competitive flag football match-up in preparation for the World Cup.

First up will be a Team England training session in Chichester on Saturday 11 February from 1 – 4pm. The likely venue is our usual pitches at Chichester College, but I shall confirm this closer to the time.

Then on Saturday 25th February, Team England (A & B) will play Team USA (A & B) in Chichester – again likely at the college. The games will be preceded by a light training session in the morning, with the competition due to start at 1pm.

We’ll have a few guys playing for England that day, so it’ll be good if any other players could come along to cheer on their team mates and fellow countrymen.

Please note both the training and the games are being held on Saturdays. Our own training will still be on the Sundays – so don’t go thinking you have the week off!

Shark Bowl – Madden 2006 Tournament

For all you eagerly chomping at the bit (Merlin), here are the rules to which the Shark Bowl 2006 tournament are to played.

Tournament rules:

Quarter length:

* 5 minute quarters.

(All matches will be played with accelerated clock on.)

Skill Level:

* All games will be played on All-Pro setting

* All sliders are set to the in-game defaults.


* Precision-Passing can be turned off by an individual.

* Any team’s playbook can be used and not your chosen team’s default.

* Trash Talking is not a problem in this league-so bring it on!!!

* Pausing the game without a justifiable reason with result in a penalty.
(Delay of game-Offensive/Offside-Defence – Penalty to be decided by a 3rd party.)

* Un-sportsman-like conduct, such as attempting to disrupt your opposition by ‘shaking the screen’ will be penalised as above.

Draft Day:

All owners are to submit a list of their 5 Franchise players from the default roster.
These players will be selected to their roster prior to a random draft-taking place.
After the draft owners will be given a copy/access to their roster and may propose trades with the other league owners up to the first round of matches.

Once the final list of players is sorted (let Julian know if you haven’t already), a schedule/dates/times etc will be released.

Fact That May Only Interest Me No.1

If you search on the phrase ‘Madden 2006 Tournament’ on Google.com you’ll find about 2,670,000 pages on the web. That’s a lot of pages.

So tell me how on earth our lil’ old Sharks site happens to be the No.2 site in the world???!!!

(We’re No.8 in the world for ‘Madden Tournament’ too!)

I’d like to put that down to my web savvy and genius but I can’t, I have no idea.

So to all our visitors coming in from the US and Canada this week, ‘Welcome’, I hope you enjoy the site, sorry you can’t make it to training this week, but if you’re ever in the neighbourhood do stop by.

As for the rest of you limber up your thumbs, the Madden tournament is about to start…

It’s not quite Madden 2006…

…but it’s amusing nonetheless. Take a look at the new game the Voodoo have put together.

Current top scorer is our very own Bobby Beauchamp (aka Sean) with 73 points (which i think he’s fibbing about because i could only get 46). Post your scores up here.

Good training session today everyone – who would have thought drills could be so much fun??

See you all next Sunday.

2006 Sharks Madden Tournament

For you gamers out there, Julian is arranging a Madden tournament amongst Sharks players. The dates are yet to be finalised but it will involve a draft and a season schedule.

A similar event took place a couple of years ago and proved very popular and a good laugh.

If you’re interested, register your interest here in the comments – not forgetting to say which team you’d like to be – and Julian will contact you to discuss details.

New Roster Photos Up

I’ve added the mug shots from Sunday to the Roster page. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what information goes next to them or whether we just keep it as just photos…

Does anyone know Little Sam’s surname – seems daft referring to him that way?

One other thing, even if you select the ‘Anonymous’ option when leaving comments (to avoid registering with Blogger) can you leave your name with your comment? It’s just I have no idea who’s talking to me!

Here is the new team photo. Try and spot the ‘added in afterwards’ player… 🙂

New Photos Up

Good training today guys, especially on D – not a lot of running room. Don’t know about you, but i enjoyed doing more drills rather than play all the way through. Gives us more opportunity to work on stuff.

As promised, there are a few new photos on the site, a couple below and more on the Photos page. I’ll take/add more as the season goes on.

I’ve got a headshot of everyone who attended today, when i get a chance i’ll add them to a revamped Roster page. Any suggestions on what information we want to put next to each photo?

See you all next Sunday, same time, same place.